Tips for the Best Deals on Low Airfare
  • Consider alternative airports. Leaving from or arriving in an alternate airport may result in better fares. For example, if you're traveling to New York City, why not search and compare airfares for flights into Newark as well as JFK and LaGuardia?
  • Stay a Saturday night. Spending the weekend at your destination will generally result in better airfares.
  • Try days around your desired travel dates. If your not impressed by the fare you see on the first dates you try, check a day before or after -- it could make a difference. Keep in mind that for domestic travel, Fridays and Sundays are the most popular (and expensive) times to fly. Tuesdays and Wednesdays often offer the best fares. For international travel, the best deals can often be found by departing Monday through Thursday.
  • Catch a red-eye. Overnight flights often offer even greater savings. For domestic flight searches Economart Plus offers you the option of taking a red-eye. With intercontinental flights and flights to/from Alaska and Hawaii -- which are already overnight because of the length of travel -- there usually is no option.
  • Act quickly on a fare you like. If you need to coordinate your air travel with other people or events, it's best to figure that all out before you search so you can act quickly when you see a good deal. Airline ticket prices frequently go up and down within minutes. Whether you're booking through Economart Plus, a travel agent or any other source, the airfare you want could be snatched up before you complete your transaction. Don't rush into any decisions, but realize that someone else could also have their eye on the same low fare.
  • Fly on off-peak days around the holidays or on the holiday itself. Varying your departure and arrival date by even just a day can make a difference. For example, consider flying on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, rather than the peak weekend days before and after these holidays.
  • Fly during the off-peak season. Travel destinations may also have especially high volume during particular seasons. For example, popular summer spots include Europe, Hawaii and Alaska. Spring is a peak travel season for Florida, New Orleans and Southern California. Flying during other periods can result in substantial savings.

Renting a Car? Get the Most for Your Money

Here are some simple things you can do to make your car rental experience easier on your wallet:

  • Booking for a five- or seven-day period may result in a great "weekly rate." Weekly rates can be much better than daily ones -- see the savings for yourself!
  • Booking for a weekend may result in a lower rate. Rental car companies generally define weekend rentals as those that are picked up late Thursday/Friday morning and dropped off late Sunday/Monday morning. Booking for a weekend can yield much better rates than a daily rental.
  • Be aware when you compare. Some travel sites only show you a base rate for their rental cars and then unpleasantly surprise you later with a total price that is much higher. Economart Plus shows you the final price before you agree to any purchases. Plus, unlimited mileage is included in all bookings.
  • Consider searching higher car classes for a better value. Since our rates can be so great, consider cars that were previously too expensive to rent -- such as premium or luxury cars. At Economart Plus, you can choose multiple car types during a search, so you've got nothing to lose by just checking rates. (You may be surprised!)
  • Be prepared. Your rental car pick-up process can be a smooth and easy one if you know what to have on-hand. When you book through Economart Plus, you'll need to present your credit card and driver's license at the rental counter. The fact that you've prepaid on our site means less paperwork at the counter. You will not need to pay for any other expenses unless you request extras, such as mobile phones or luggage racks. Any additions to the car should be handled at the counter. Also, check ahead of time to see if your regular car insurance covers rental cars. All of this will save you time when you pick up your car.
  • Return your rental car on time. Car rental companies operate on a 24-hour billing cycle. Avoid unpleasant extra day and/or extra hour charges by returning your car on time. Any extra days are not guaranteed to be at the Economart Plus rate you received when booking the reservation, and may result in high charges you didn't expect to pay. So check those watch batteries and be prompt about returns!
  • Fill up your car before you return it. If the car does not have a full tank of gas, the rental car company may charge a high per-gallon price.

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